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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose The Pitrolo Company to build your custom home?

We are a small company; John is both the General Contractor and Project manager. You will be working one-on-one directly with John throughout the building process. Larger companies hire separate project managers who may rotate through projects during the building process, but you will be working with the same person throughout the entire build. We don’t take on as many custom projects per year, but the ones that we do get our full attention. 

How many years has TPC been in business?

John built his first home in the greater Asheville area in 2002 and has been building ever since. He has built nearly 100 homes during that period. Although the majority of his homes have been for first-time home buyers, he also takes on at least 1-2 custom homes per year.

How do you guide people through the process of building their homes?

We work with surveyors, designers, and industry professionals to ensure that the process of building is as smooth as possible. With over 20 years in the home building business in the greater Asheville area, we understand that the process can be intimidating and stressful, but we keep the lines of communication open to make the process as stress-free as possible. Building your dream home should be a fun and exciting adventure, and TPC works to make that happen.

This is the first time we’ve built a home. What can we expect?

Although we have people to help you with design, materials, colors, lighting, etc., the decisions on custom features are, of course, entirely yours. Decisions can be hard, and we’ve seen projects delayed when a homeowner doesn’t meet deadlines to make certain choices. The building process tends to move in fits and starts. Things will move quickly and then there might appear to be a lull. It is important to understand that the process needs to move in a particular order to meet timeframes and budgets, and the General Contractor may ask you for decisions that must be made before the next step can be started.

I’ve heard of builders taking much longer than anticipated and going over budget. How do you make sure that doesn’t happen?

We want to be as on schedule and budget as much as you do. Unfortunately in recent years - especially after the global pandemic - there have been changes to the workforce and to material availability that make it very difficult to accurately forecast timelines and costs. One thing John takes pride in is budgeting both schedules and costs as conservatively as possible from the very beginning. One of his unofficial mottos is to underpromise and overdeliver.

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