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The Building Process

1. Before purchasing the lot and/or land for your dream home, you will need to ensure availability of water/sewer / utilities. You will also need to gain proof of availability. More projects than you can imagine get held up because of this issue.

2. Once you have procured the lot/land, a surveyor will need to stake the boundaries/setbacks to determine the amount of area on which you can build.


3. Based on the topography and footprint of the lot/land, you will need to find a plan that meets what you want with what the land allows. An architect may be hired but a design team at a home plan company can also help in finding existing plans that can be modified to meet your needs.


4. Once you have your home plans in place, you may want to hire a landscape designer to design landscaping based on the home design, house elevation, and desires of the homeowners. Some neighborhood HOAs also require a landscape design plan.

5. The General Contractor will work with all of the above to develop a Site Plan.

6. Depending on whether restrictive covenants apply, the General Contractor and homeowner will work with the HOA to gain any variances or approvals to build the home as detailed on the Site Plan.

7. The General Contractor will apply for necessary building permits.

9. Once building permits are approved, the General Contractor will start the building process by having a surveyor survey the elevation and stake out the foundation (footprint) of the home. Most lending institutions require a foundation survey.

10. Regarding the construction timeline, it will depend on the size and complexity of the home.

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